Formula 1 Yacht Charter

Experience the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi from our luxury yachts with unbeatable track views

Charter our luxury yachts

Sail and Race with Style

for the Formula 1 weekend.
Experience the race like never before, with exclusive views and VIP tickets included

Limited availability. Premium packages
for true F1 enthusiasts

Experience Formula 1 Like Never Before

Last Chance:

Experience the Race Like Never Before

As the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race approaches, secure your spot on our exclusive yachts with unparalleled track views. Dive into luxury while being at the heart of the adrenaline-pumping action. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Power Sharing

Make money sharing your energy

Power Sharing makes sharing the energy stored in your Sion easy. Imagine you are on vacation for a month and your car is at home doing nothing. Why not charge your neighbor's car and he is paying you via the Sion app. You decide on how much electricity you are willing to share and at which price.

Power other electric cars up to 11 kW

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